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Challenge 77 - Left Outside Alone

For this challenge your icons should feature one character per icon and they must be outside (or at least appear to be outside using textures).
You can use multiple characters for your entries or the same one for each icon and tou can icon anything you want from Buffy/Angel.
If you need help finding caps, check out the Resources post here.

 photo 77-1.jpg  photo 77-2.jpg  photo 77-3.jpg  photo 77-4.jpg  photo 77-5.jpg
 photo 77-6.jpg  photo 77-7.jpg  photo 77-8.jpg  photo 77-9.jpg  photo 77-10.jpg

- You may enter up to five (5) icons per challenge.
- Icons must be LJ standard; 100x100, and up to 40kb.
- Animated icons (of any kind) are not allowed.
- Icons must be in .jpg or .png format.
- Don’t post the icons anywhere else until after the challenge!
- Please comment to this post with icon(s) and url(s). You can copy/paste from the box below if you like.
- Have fun!

Challenge deadline: Friday 23 September at midnight in your timezone.
Challenge entries: 07
Tags: !info, challenge 77

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